大学的核心和通识教育课程通过探索新的方法来理解他们在复杂世界中的位置,使学生超越系和专业的文科传统. All freshmen are required to take the university core curriculum. The standard general education curriculum, 本页包含, is part of most degree programs offered. However, some schools, departments, degrees, majors or minors may require variations.


核心课程为每个桑福德本科生的文科教育提供了基础. 这些课程共22个学分,要求学生阅读具有挑战性的作品,并将其置于相互对话中, to write and speak confidently and persuasively, to recognize the depth of biblical scholarship and tradition, and to pay attention to overall health and wellness. In short, the core courses transcend any one department or major. 这个核心项目是在哥伦比亚大学对伟大书籍项目进行跨学科讨论和探索的基础上发展起来的, 芝加哥大学, 和其他人, and also out of best practices for student learning in critical skills, as recognized by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. The core also reflects the Christian mission at the heart of the university. The core has been a significant part of every entering freshman’s academic experience since 1997.


核心文本 is a two-semester course sequence taken by all Samford university students. Here students survey great works of literature, 哲学, 历史与神学, and also learn why these works matter for the 21st century. UCCP 101秋季学期课程, students are introduced to great thinkers from Greece, 罗马, 早期基督教, 中世纪和文艺复兴时期. Spring semester UCCP 102 takes them through the Protestant Reformation, 科学革命, the Enlightenment and the ideological conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries. 亚博体彩买球的目标是让学生掌握一种知识叙事,阐明过去的重要思想家,这样他们就能更好地驾驭当今复杂的思想市场.



If students are to succeed in life, they must be able to write and speak effectively. 雇主一直认为良好的沟通能力是员工最理想的品质之一. 传播艺术课程旨在帮助学生发展和完善这些重要技能.

Students will meet the following course objectives:


  • Conceive, outline and produce written assignments in an academic style.
  • 研究, 识别, 总结, analyze and synthesize scholarly resources for implementation in written assignments.
  • Adapt purpose/argument, structure and language in written work to various assignment objectives.
  • Demonstrate metacognitive awareness of 写作 processes.


  • Develop and deliver oral presentations using academic language and rhetorical style.
  • Structure and adapt presentations according to various assignment objectives.
  • Create and engage multimedia presentations for use in oral presentations.



圣经基础是一学期的课程,反映了桑福德的核心价值观的圣经基础,并为理解犹太和基督教圣经在人类文化中的地位提供了基础. Knowledge of these Scriptures is the foundation of Christian thought and action.

Professors guide students in an exploratory journey of the Christian Scriptures, 包括它们的内容, 他们的历史背景, 文学流派, 神学和伦理主题. The course stresses the relevance of the Bible for contemporary Christian faith and practice.



健身和健康的概念 emphasizes the components of a healthy lifestyle. The principles of fitness including cardiovascular health, 肌肉力量, 肌肉耐力, 灵活性和身体组成是通过课堂和体育活动来讨论和应用的. Other topics such as nutrition, weight management and injury management are discussed. 在残疾服务机构登记的个人将与适当的个人会面以考虑活动.


除了核心课程, every Samford student takes courses distributed over a number of disciplinary areas. 这些课程通过引入不同的方法来探索亚博体彩买球共同的人性,以维持从核心开始的智力增长, our relationships with each other and the creation that is our home. 他们邀请学生学习新的方法来理解他们在复杂世界中的位置,同时鼓励他们将学术研究的结果应用于更大的意义和价值问题. 在这些分布区域中选择的每门课程不仅仅是进一步学习的基础,而且是进入一门学科固有思维方式的开端.

标准的通识教育课程要求自然科学和计算科学的八个学分, 三个美术学分, 数学各四个学分, 人文学科, 社会科学. It also requires study of a second language and culture through the intermediate level. Some schools, departments, degrees and majors may require variations to this standard. 每个课程的通识教育要求可以在桑福德大学的目录中找到.


这些课程强调使用科学的方法,通过实验室或其他活动来解决自然世界中遇到的问题, 调查工作. The scientific method covered in these courses includes the collection of data, the organization and analysis of data to reveal patterns, the application of statistics to determine the significance of conclusions drawn, the methods used by scientists to communicate their results, and ethical issues pertinent to scientific investigation.


这些课程向学生介绍必要的基本知识和技能,以了解个人和更大的社会和文化背景下的人类行为. 它们在个人和群体层面上阐述了人类行为的规律和变化. 这些课程探讨了有关人类行为和社会制度的主要理论和发现, perspectives and methods employed by the social and behavioral sciences, and the social and ethical issues concerning individuals and social institutions.


These courses develop students’ quantitative literacy. This includes equipping them with a confidence and ease with the applications of quantitative methods; an understanding of the nature and history of mathematics and its importance for comprehending issues in the public domain; the ability to interpret data and mathematical results within a real-world context; the desire and ability to use logical reasoning techniques to analyze arguments, detect fallacies and evaluate risks; the habit of using mathematics in making decisions and solving problems in everyday life; the accurate intuition about the meaning of numbers in measuring things; and an adeptness with algebraic symbols and their proper syntax.

Literacy in a Second Language and Culture

这些课程通过提供传播艺术和核心文本所涵盖的材料的深度广度来增强核心课程. 就像UCCA的学生通过磨练他们的口头和书面沟通技能来提高他们对母语的熟练程度一样, 世界上的学生, ancient and biblical language courses develop complementary skills of listening, 说话, reading and 写作 in their chosen second language. 以类似的方式, 这些学生在深入研究世界主要语言区之一的文明和文化时,利用在核心文本核心课程中获得的广泛知识. 亚博体彩买球鼓励学生在亚博体彩买球的海外附属中心至少完成一部分语言学习, where they can live both the language and the culture on a daily basis.


大多数学生选择“社会艺术”课程. 本课程建立在核心文本的基础上,为学生提供关于艺术的意义和重要性的工作知识,艺术是与社会动态互动中创造性想象力的产物.


这些课程建立在核心文本的基础上,提高学生的文化意识, 历史, 文学, philosophical and religious influences upon the development of civilization. 在这些课程中,学生将更加熟悉与人类文化和经验有关的作品, particularly humanity’s quest for meaning and value. These courses cultivate the arts of reading, 写作, 说话 and critical thinking and engage texts and their contexts with critical comprehension.